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Ten Year Anniversary Celebration at Readyville Mill

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration at Readyville Mill

Outside Readyville Mill
Readyville Mill
 Tucked away in a great spot next to the East Fork Stones River, the Readyville Mill is one of Middle Tennessee’s best kept secrets. For our ten year anniversary, Manda and I decided to grab a meal during their Saturday morning breakfast. As soon as we entered, we were met with a variety of aromas from the eatery that set our stomachs into a ferocious rumble. I had the fried vegetable frittata with sourdough toast and she had their locally famous whole-wheat pancakes with all-natural maple syrup. I devoured every morsel, short of licking the plate clean.

 After discovering the occasion of our visit, their incredibly talented in-house band, Johnny B. and the Balladeers, played for us a beautiful anniversary song. They seemed like a great group of musicians, periodically playing a mix of traditional American Music and originals and nonchalantly hanging out with the rest of us as we ate.

10 Year Anniversary Photo
The owner, Tomm Brady, wielding a cup of coffee and an equally warm smile greeted everyone as he circulated the grounds. During a brief conversation with Mr. Brady, he told us it took about five years after purchasing the property in 2006 to get the place ready for the public. He encouraged us to tour the property and to take as long as we like and was even courteous enough to snap a photo of Manda and I sitting on an outdoor deck by the riverside. 

We took a picture of the mill itself from the outside, though it looks even better from the inside. The staff was very friendly and professional and the atmosphere was charming and inviting. I would definitely recommend this destination if you’re looking for a great experience, complete with great food and more southern charm than you can shake a stick at.

My only concern is that you may have a little trouble finding the place due to a serious lack of any eye-catching signage posted on the main road. So just in case, here is a link to their website for more information:

For one last great photo... the writer in me HAD to have this one of the typewriter. Thanks goodness for good ol' Microsoft Word!

Old Typewriter at  Mill

 Daniel Wagner.

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