Friday, February 15, 2013

My Views on Bacon Cheeseburgers

My Views on Bacon Cheeseburgers

I asked of my friends and family in a recent facebook post, "If I were to start a blog, what would you want to hear about?" I wasn't surprised a bit when the majority of the responses were completely sarcastic and served only a comedic purpose.

What they didn't realize was, I was already determined to use this pool of suggestions to find inspiration no matter how far fetched the idea may be. So in this spirit, I would like to thank Michael Ferrebee from Noblesville Indiana for providing an excellent topic for blog entry #1.

Michael asks, "What are your views on bacon cheeseburgers?"

I'm glad you asked Michael.

I recently saw a commercial where a man was down on bended knee proposing to a beautiful woman. When the camera showed what he had in his hand, it was actually a mini bacon cheeseburger. You can see the video here.

I have never seen anyone so excited over bacon on a cheeseburger before in my life!  Commercials such as this are rampant on our airwaves as if to say with subtle peer-pressure, "Everyone's doing it... Try one!"

I want to be careful to respect the cultural phenomena that is the bacon cheeseburger, because I do recognize the role these tasty delights play in the daily lives of the people who love them. However, this was about my personal views, and I do not happen to be a fan.

Just like in the Commercial! Right?
 When I was in my late teens, I worked for Wendy's. My interactions with the famous Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger were numerous. During my time there, I had to have made thousands of these things. Even today, the thought of one turns my stomach. I think about the litany of unhealthy and unnatural ingredients that went into each of these 99 cent "value" burgers; the bleached enriched flour buns, the pre-made frozen and uniquely square meat patties, processed American cheese, and the all-important pre-frozen microwaved bacon slices, sitting in their own grease until an order was made.


Now, don't get me wrong. I'm certain there is a bacon cheeseburger out there somewhere that could potentially send my taste buds into orbit, but I have yet to meet that sandwich. Something more in tune with the real food diet our family has grown so accustomed to.

I imagine the perfect bacon cheeseburger would start with a lightly toasted whole grain bun, a grass fed beef patty with sharp cheddar cheese and real bacon bits mixed right into the meat. Put two more thick strips of bacon on top with a bit of Dijon mustard and sauted onions. NOW you have a proper bacon cheeseburger.

Eat your heart out Mr. Ferrebee!

Know a great place to pick up a world class bacon cheeseburger and you want to brag about it? Let me know where we can find that tasty masterpiece.

Daniel Wagner.


Michael said...

Bacon bits mixed into the burger??? Your a genius!!!!!

Daniel Wagner said...

I hope you're right. Make one sometime and let me know what it was like.

Romaq said...

I really enjoy that sort of thing, but that is the problem. I aspire to become half the man I used to be. I'm about half-way there. Bacon double-cheeseburgers are *not* going to help with that. :(

spudmuffin said...

I usually mix in powdered ranch with the ground beef before cooking, hense "ranchburgers". Add bacon, awesome.

Daniel Wagner said...

That sounds delicious! But in terms of health, likely more fattening with the ranch. (Perhaps a cheat on the ol' diet is in order)

deerladie said...

Checking again to see if my posts show up.

deerladie said...

Finally, I got it figured out.....yea me.... :-)

Deanna said...

It has to be REAL bacon bits. If you use the generic bacon "flavored" bits they get soggy and don't taste so good. :D

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